Pathpro Core Features

Embrace Community Feedback

Your customers and clients typically offer the best suggestions on how your product should grow. PathPro embraces this concept and lets you capture feedback and input directly from those using your products and services!

Feature Submissions
Your customers and clients can submit new features and ideas based on actual use of your product. The perfect way to gather feedback.

Feature “Adoption”
Analyze submissions and “Adopt” them for further community feedback, or move them directly into your product’s development pipeline.

Ongoing Discussions
Enable suggestions and comments from your audience to gather crowd-based feedback on any feature or idea presented.

Is a feature submission, comment, or suggestion catching your eye? Highlight it to track its popularity and/or to easily find it later for further review.

Give Recognition
Tag members to give credit to community members who submit (or heavily influence) a feature that makes it into your product.

Comment Upvoting
Your entire community can upvote suggestions/comments that resonate, ensuring the best suggestions get seen by your team.

Follow Features and Products
Users can “subscribe” to follow individual feature updates or an entire project to stay informed of any update and release.

Rankings and Stats
Reward active community members with higher ranks, and review stats on how active a community member has been in guiding the path of your product.

Customer Management
Engage directly with customers on a per-feature/task basis while establishing a powerful marketing database of contact details.

Feature Voting

Eliminate the guess work and stop throwing away time and development fees on unwanted features. Instead, validate features through community Feature Voting and other tools that let you determine a feature’s demand.

Users will upvote their favorite features, suggestions, and more to let you know exactly what they’re looking for in your product.

Capture Demand / Popularity
Quantify popularity and demand of every feature through voting analytics, member stats, and more.

The most popular feature ideas (as voted on by your community) will automatically rise to the top, letting you know exactly what they want first.

Engage & Inform
Open the floor for discussion amongst other customers until the feature is fully fleshed out. You’ll know exactly what to work on next, or when to bail on a feature altogether.

Save Time & Money
No more guessing on what to work on next. With feature voting, you’ll clearly see the demand and know exactly where to focus.

Put it in Production!
Confirm popular, highly-upvoted feature requests and “adopt” them to your product’s development pipeline with a click of a button!

Product Paths

Keep your community informed of every upcoming release through interactive “roadmap” style Product Paths.

Release-Based Timelines
Divide timelines into organized “Path Groups”, letting users know exactly what’s on the horizon, and when, on a release-based schedule.

Keep the Discussions Rolling
Product Paths are fully interactive, allowing community members to add suggestions, upvote comments, and otherwise interact with your team as your product evolves.

Give Recognition
By giving credit to those who contributed to a feature’s development, you’ll build brand-loyalty (and word of mouth) like never before.

Color Coding
All tasks/features are color coded as needed, along with other intuitive tweaks that keep your customers informed on the exact types of features and ideas being implemented.

Drag and Drop Interface
Building and maintaining a Product Path is as intuitive as it is powerful. Drag a task, or entire task group, as needed while your product evolves.

Embed it Anywhere
Place your “public” Product Path anywhere you need via a simple shortcode. Our minimalist interfact will mesh with any brand’s website seamlessly.

News and Release Notes

Ah, the sweet feeling of success! Your new features have walked the path, evolved based on community feedback, and are ready for release! It’s time to reward your community while keeping them informed on every release!

Interactive Release Notes
Ready to release an update to your product? Add detailed notes to your ongoing directory of releases, and keep your users informed of what’s new, and how these updates came to be!

Include Completed Features
Include completed features/tasks directly in the Release Notes. This lets customers review exactly what’s included with each release, as well as seeing how all features/tasks came to be.

Reward and Recognize
Celebrate community involvement while giving credit to customers who suggested and informed the features included in each release.

Promote Releases
Promote new releases through social media sharing, and let your customers do the same, making PathPro an unrivaled organic marketing tool.

Release-Based Discussion
After a release is issued, your community can review each new feature in depth, and can ask any questions to your team and/or other community members as needed.

News Announcements
Maintain a general announcement for any aspect of your product or business to keep your community on point via your project’s general News area.

Ready to Rock a New Path?

We could never capture all of the features packed into PathPro via a simple list, so be sure to view our demo. Ready to roll? Check out our Plans & Pricing page to get started.

Grow... Prosper... & Maybe Move Some Mountains

Grow... Prosper... & Maybe Move Some Mountains

Rally your community around any product...

Your community will...

  • Submit new features & ideas
  • Vote and comment on proposed features
  • Stay informed via interactive "Product Paths"
  • Get recognized for contributions

Your team will...

  • Review and highlight community suggestions
  • Confirm and "adopt" in-demand features
  • Make informed decisions based on feedback
  • Directly communicate with your customers

Your product will...

  • Evolve based on actual feedback & suggestions from customers
  • Have a focused development path based on real-world feedback
  • Grow virally due to community involvement and incentives
  • Maximize brand loyalty and customer satisfaction
Feature Voting & Customer Driven Product Management

Your Community. Your Team.
All Rocking the Same Path.

Feature Voting and Customer Driven Product Management Tools

Collect and prioritize customer feedback. Confirm demand through Feature voting.

Capture Community Input

The best suggestions typically come from those using the product. PathPro lets you collect Feature Submissions and feedback from your community with pristine organization.

Feature Voting and Customer Driven Product Management Tools

Analyze and Confirm

Our unified Feature Voting and customer-driven product management tools let your community upvote and otherwise validate proposed features and ideas. Eliminate guesswork and cut cost by knowing exactly what to implement next!

Take Action, Stay Organized

Pull the trigger on in-demand features/ideas while keeping your community informed through interactive “roadmap” style Product Paths and timelines.

Feature Voting & Customer Driven Product Management

Keep the Conversation Going

Give your community a direct line to your team as each feature is refined. Highlight top suggestions, give credit to contributors, and watch customer loyalty soar.

Feature Voting & Customer Driven Product Management

Feature Voting & Interactive Release Notes

Release & Inform

Keep everyone informed with PathPro’s Interactive Release Notes. Include release details showcasing the “path” it took to become a reality, give credit to community members who contributed, and more!

Feature Voting & Customer Driven Product Management

See how PathPro is redefining product management

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