Analyze and validate ideas through customer feature voting.

Confirm demand for any idea, and always know what to work on next.

Eliminate guesswork, save time and development fees.

Let customers confirm ideas

PathPro’s feature voting tools let you confirm ideas before putting them into development.

  • Customers upvote favorite ideas & features
  • Customers offer additional feedback on any feature
  • Tag valuable suggestions for later reference
  • Your team and customers stay engaged

Save time and development fees

Knowing what to work on can be tough, but by letting your customers confirm demand with feature voting, you’ll always know what to work on next.

  • Analysis paralysis is a thing of the past
  • Use data to determine your product’s next steps
  • Move confirmed features directly to your roadmaps
  • Never waste time building unwanted features

Customer input = data

PathPro’s algorithm considers suggestions made, upvote count, and other contributions from your customers to truly confirm if an idea or feature is in-demand.

  • Grow your product using customer-driven data
  • In-demand features will “rise to the top”
  • Customers engage in coversation to further inform
  • Suggestions can be upvoted and tagged

The PathPro “Golden Path”

Collect Feedback

Give your customers a voice, analyze their feedback, and determine the “path” of your product based on actual user data.

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Feature Voting

Put potential features to the vote, let customers upvote to confirm demand, and always know what to work on next.

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Public Roadmaps

Keep customers informed on what’s coming next, and your team organized through PathPro’s powerful task management tools.

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Interactive Release Notes

Announce every update while including the “path” taken from submission to reality. Give credit to those who contributed!

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If you sell a product, you need PathPro.

If you sell a product, community-driven development is key. See why product developers are making the switch to PathPro by joining 100% free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does PathPro cost?

PathPro offers multiple plans to fit your needs, inlcuding a 100% free plan that is perfect for getting started. You can sign up here and get started immediately.

Who is PathPro for?

PathPro is designed primarily for product developers and product managers looking to collect feedback from customers. However, PathPro is flexible enough to adapt to any idustry, whether collecting feedback from clients on an interior design project, to letting team members vote on topics for your next meeting.

What else does PathPro do?

PathPro is perfect for collecting product feedback from your customers, but it also has a slew of other useful features, such as feature voting, public roadmaps, interactive release notes, and more!

Can I see some examples?

Sure thing! Not only did we build PathPro to help you improve your prodcuts, but we also use PathPro for the exact same reason! You can check out our public product path here, where we collect customer feedback from PathPro customers!

Submission received, thank you!

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