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the cheaper alternative to
Look, Canny is great. We consider them pioneers in the customer feedback collection field, and we won’t knock them too much as we have nothing but respect. But the truth is, Canny has some drawbacks that PathPro not only solves, but foes so at a cheaper cost that is designed for the scrappy product developer that Canny originally targeted in their early days. Though PathPro can easily handle massive companies with countless products, our target audience are people like us: passionate, perhaps-slightly-bootstrapped small businesses that are looking to optimize their production pipeline, manage their team, and most of all, to give their customers a voice when it comes to offering feedback to grow products big and small. Let’s check out a few key differences as to how PathPro streamlines the feedback collection process, and fills in the gaps where Canny falls behind.

1. PathPro is a Cheaper Alternative to Canny

This is an easy one, and though it may be seen as low-hanging fruit to knock on Canny, the truth is that the cheapest Canny plan is quite the risk at an eye-watering $79 per month! This price for entry to their lowest tiered plan could be considered too risky for smaller businesses and startups. PathPro offers a similar amount of functionality at only $29/month, and we also give you a LOT directly in our free plan. Yep, that’s $0 per month to get many of the features locked behind Canny’s paywall.

2. Lack of Plan Variety

Canny only offers 3 plans: The Free Plan, The Starter Plan ($79/month) and the Enterprise Plan ($359/month). PathPro on the other hand offers a more robust set of options to cater to businesses of all sizes, meaning you’re much more likely to find a plan that fits your exact needs without breaking the bank, while also having plenty of room to scale as your product and business grows! Check out our plans and pricing page here to find the perfect fit.

3. Free Feature Voting Tools

Though Canny offers a free plan, it omits a critical feature altogether: Feature Voting! PathPro is one of the only platforms available that includes 100% free Feature Voting tools in our free plan. Start collecting feedback from customers right out of the gate, with no payment details needed. Grab your free Feature Voting tools with a free PathPro account.

4. Pro-level Tools Finally Made Easy

Canny’s user interface and overall experience is a bit of a tough pill to swallow. Though its features are indeed great, implementing Canny’s feature set, and actually using Canny, can prove far too daunting for many users. PathPro was designed with simplicity in mind: All of the features, without the bloat, and with our core philosophy of an intuitive user experience reigning supreme. This means that you’ll have PathPro up and running in no time, all while actually enjoying the ease of use while wielding such powerful features. No more sorting through endless menus, nor navigating the clearly-designed-by-engineers UX of Canny. With PathPro, the pure, intuitive goodness means it can be used by pretty much anyone, regardless of technical skills.

5. Canny Is Expensive in More Ways Than One

Ok look, we’ve clearly rambled on a bit about the pricing differences between Canny and PathPro, but this is because value is such an important element of our approach. We know that everyone is tired of subscription services, and though that’s the nature of things, we’re determined to provide more for less. Compared to Canny, each of our plans offer MORE integration, MORE features, and MORE allotments to team members and end-users. We invite you to compare PathPro’s Plans vs Canny’s Pricing Plans below, and we think you’ll agree: PathPro simply gives you more.

Canny Pricing

cheaper alternative to canny

PathPro Pricing

best alternative to canny
PathPro: The Cheaper Alternative to Canny!

This covers but a few key difference to how PathPro fills the gaps left behind by Canny as they continue to cater more towards the industry giants vs. startups and small businesses. As always, this is all meant in the pursuit of friendly competition, as we truly respect Canny and their crucial role in brining customer-driven feedback to the forefront of product development. So, kudos to their team, and to the shared pursuit of growth and efficiency! Here’s a summary of what we covered:

  • PathPro’s is a cheaper alternative to Canny overall
  • PathPro offers more plan variety than Canny
  • PathPro is more intuitive and easier to use than Canny
  • PathPro includes more integrations and features than Canny

Are you currently using Canny? We’d love to hear your experience, so feel free to sound off in the comments on the pros and cons, and as always, we’d love to hear how we can approve PathPro via our official Product Path, where you can submit feature ideas and feedback, vote on proposed features, and more! You can also check out our plans to get 100% Free Feature voting and more.

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